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Why Test Hay & Grain Moisture?

According to agricultural nutrition experts, the single most important factor influencing the quality of grain, hay and silage is moisture. Moisture management is a continuous process that requires the appropriate measuring tools. Protect your investment by testing moisture content before, during and after the season accurately and quickly using Wile Moisture Testers.

Does the quality of the grain affect the moisture reading?

Yes it does. Read the users instructions for more details about it. The Wile scales are made for grain of normal quality. Usually a lower quality of grain gives a measuring result that is too dry. This phenomenon occurs when the weight of the grain is abnormally low.

Important:  Before measuring any larger batch of grain, if you suspect that the quality of the measured grain deviates from normal, of if you are dealing with a new sort of grain, always control that the results of your Wile meter are in line with the relevant official reference meter. Do a measurement from a batch of your own grain and then measure the same grain with the reference meter. Do this with a couple of samples. If the average results are different, use the scale adjustment function of your Wile meter to adjust your measurement result to match with the reference meter.

How many measurements should be done to get a reliable result?
Usually two or three measurements are enough. 

I get different results from grain in different parts of the silo. Why?
The moisture content varies even within the silo. The moisture of the grain on the surface of the silo adapts to the moisture in the air. To get a good result you need to take samples that represent the lot of grain in question. Take samples from different parts of the silo. 

How often should the tester be serviced?
The functionality of the tester can be checked at the place of purchase. Service of the tester is recommended every third year. If the device is not in use frequently and it is stored in room temperature and a dry place there is less need for service. 

How can maintenance on the tester?
Keep the tester clean. You can clean the cap of the tester even with pressurised air through the hole which is on top of the cap. A small drop of machine oil on the screw thread of the tester lightens the screwing of the cap. 

How often should the battery be replaced?
In normal conditions the lifetime of the battery is one year. It is recommended to change the battery before each harvest season.

Can I measure the moisture of sorghum even though I do not have the scales in my tester?
Scales for different grains and plants are available ask your dealer for availability in your country. You read the result from the arbitrary scale and get the correct result from the scale that has been provided to you.

The indicator on my Wile-35 moves when I knock the meter with my finger. Is their somthing wrong with the device?
Yes. If the indicator moves, the result cannot be trusted. The indicator part is either worn out or the whole meter has been dropped. The indicator part has to be replaced.

Setting a steady value of 50 in my Wile-35 is difficult. Why is this?
The potentiometer is worn out and has to be replaced.

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