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Olli 1000

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High performance energiser. It has very easy to understand display using Olli Smileys smiley to give the information about the condition of the fence.  The intelligent Olli 1000 has an automatic power regulation and it delivers the maximum 5 J pulse energy on a broader range of fence load than any other fence energiser. So remember smiley its working, sad theres a problem

Our top model for horses. Enough performance for all types of fences, especially long fences where the fence condition is monitored by the energiser.

  • Pulse voltage (J): 9
  • Suitable for: sheep, cattle, horses
  • Internal lightning protector
  • Earthing stakes: 2-5
  • Testing functions
  • Olli info display
  • Automatic pulse regulation
  • Olli quick-connectors

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