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Warning sign
Warning sign for the fence. According to regulations any electric fences near a pathway must be equippped with warning signs.
6050038 – 5 pcs


For gathering fence tapes and wires. Equipped with a sling.


Spare reel
Spare reel to reeler.



Ramming device 15 kg
Great tool for mounting wooden posts by hand. Post’s diameter 90 mm. With the ramming device you’ll get the post to stand straight and you won’t brake it’s head.


Earthing stake
1 m long hot-galvanized steel earthing stake. Screws and a 3 m connecting cable included.
Depending on the energiser and the soil condition (Dry/Sandy Soil = More Earth Stakes) you’ll need between 1 to 6 earthing stakes.


Lightning protector
We recommend you always fit a separate Olli lightning protector to protect your energiser this will lead the lightning to the ground. Hot-galvanized lightning protector is installed between the fence and the energiser.


Tool for tape and ring insulators
Attaches to a power drill



Circuit switch for fence
Highvoltage switch to turn the fence on and off.
6051025 - 2 positions
6051025B - 3 positions


Lead gel battery
Battery for 6W solar panel
6051212 - 12V/12Ah



Alkaline battery for energisers for example Olli 30B, 70B and 9.03B
6059255 - 9V/55Ah
6059340 - 9V/140Ah



Digitester plus
   A fence tester with a digital display. Shows the fence voltage (kV).


   Supertester plus
   A fence tester that shows the fence voltage within 2000 -12 000 V.


Hihgvoltage cable
Special Heavy Duty double insulated cable to conduct electricity underground. Must be used whenever the electricity is conducted underground for example, to pass beneath roads or gates.
6051030 - 50 m
6051032 - 15 m

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