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Olli 250B+

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Strong 12 V battery energiser for all animals. Top model with versatile features. Wall or pole mounting. Maximum pulse energy 2 J.

Olli 250B+ Keeps the battery correctly charged and prevents damage that could occur if the battery would be completely discharged. The charging regulation for the solar panel prevents over charging of the battery in all situations. These features make the battery last longer in use.

The measurement of the fence input voltage reveals ground leakages thus helping the user to keep the fence in a good operating condition.

  • Pulse energy (J): 2,0
  • Suitable for: wild animals, cattle, sheep, horses
  • Low energy consumptioin
  • Earthing stakes: 1-2
  • Battery voltage indication with a LED bar
  • Fence input voltage indication a LED bar
  • Four power modes that are selected with the power/mode button
    - Full power
    - Half power
    - Two light controlled automatic modes
  • Power on/off from the mode switch, so the battery doesn’t need to be removed to switch off the energiser
  • Deep discharge protection that switches off the device if the battery voltage gets too low
  • Battery charging regulation for solar cell use. The regulation works also when the energiser is switched off.

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