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Everything your fence needs comes from Olli

It is very important when choosing the parts to make an electric fencing that you get the best possible. The pulses that go along the fence from the energiser will only be as strong or go as far as the fence construction and parts fitted allow it to, choose Shockteq for maximum performance.

Shockteq is the Olli recommendation of high quality.

All manufacturers rate their energisers by length of fence using 3 criteria;

No vegetation                             Medium Vegetation                            High Vegetation

This also has an impact on how efficiently the fence works, vegetation should be controlled around the fence for maximum performance.

All Olli energisers are designed to withstand the most severe conditions. The energisers go through a wide test program before delivery. All components are carefully selected and tested. A robust casing protects the components efficiently.

How does the fence work





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