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Q.   What is Shockteq  ?

A.   Shockteq is the label for top quality products that carry a 3 year warranty

Q.   Why is my electric fence not working ?

A.   There is a number of things to check

  • Check the voltage in the fence with a simple meter, it may be that power is there just not enough.
  • Have you connected the tape/wire/rope to any wood posts or metal gates directly - This drains the electric from the fence. Use the insulators, these stop the electricity escaping.
  • Have you allowed any vegetation (Shrubs/trees) to touch the fence - This drains the power from the fence, clear the fence.
  • Is your soil sandy and well draining ? The earth stake needs wet clay type soil to get the best earthing, add more earth stakes.
  • Check all connections

Q.   How do I choose an energiser

A.   Generally you should choose the biggest energiser that you can afford, that is relevant to the animals you are securing.

  • Choose a mains energiser if you have an electrical supply nearby, it is normally cheaper.
  • A higher powered energiser will, if there is leakage still, send some electricity along the tape/wire or rope.

Q.   How far apart do I put the posts ?

A.   It depends whether it is a permanent fence or a temporary fence, and how firmly the post is in the ground.

  • Remember to follow the contours of the ground and where there are dips or hills will require more posts so there are no gaps for the animals to get in or out.
  • The tape/rope or wire needs a certain amount of tension to stop it flapping/sagging, so the post needs to be in the ground firmly, this has an affect on how far apart the posts can be.
  • After time whatever you use tape/rope or wire will stretch so if the posts are further apart this may cause problems.
  • Snow settling on the wires also causes sagging in the fence, and with greater distances this can be a problem.
  • We recommend a maximum of 6m, but generally 4m apart for placing of posts.

Q.   My electric fence stops working in the ice and snow ?

A.   The problem is that the frozen ground does not allow the electricity to go through the animal.

  • Fit Olli winter tape which contains the earth and the power in one tape.

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